Performance: Whisper in the Storm

year:           2023
place:          Prague
collaboration:  Entrance gallery

The performance was part of the group show called Storm and Stars, Categories sublime and climate crisis, in the Entrance gallery. A performative installation delves into my intimate connection with the young moon. It involves a public reading of my diary notes, written in my hometown in Montenegro, reflecting on the confrontation of the outer coastal storm I witnessed and the inner whirlwind of emotions I stirred. The written text raised climate awareness and encouraged understanding of our impact on the climate and our interdependence with the environment.The narrative not only explores my relationship with my safe place in the city but also emphasizes the influence of the moon on my thoughts and emotions.The monologue is embroidered on the dress.

The set design and the costumes are made specifically for the performance. Post-performance, the scenic elements were left intact for public viewing, reading, and discussion.The materials used in installation are given to the centre for the reuse of the materials for some further possible interpretations.

photos, copyright to ©Martin Bražina