Puppet show: Behind the scenes of Silver house

year:           2024
place:          Jihlava, Czech Republic
collaboration:  The Jihlava Architecture Manual (JAM)

The townhouses in Jihlava have undergone extensive historical and cultural transformations, from reconstructions to changes of use. Looking at their facades, we cannot fully describe what jewels they hide inside. Originally a generous building for a single owner, it has been adapted for rental housing for several families through the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Silver House No. 21 tells different stories and surprises with its secrets. 

A puppet show was held in the Red Salon of the Silver House to create new stories and experiences associated with this historic building. Together with the inhabitants and people passing by we think on the possible stories that could have taken place here and the characters that could have inhabited this mysterious place. 

The aim is to use puppet theatre to explore the architecture and use creative writing to educate about the space. A model of the same space is created, fictional characters and objects are used to further the narrative of the fictional transformation.