Performative Audiowalk

year:           2023
place:          Prague
collaboration:  Kateřina Radakulan, Gabriela Veselá, Nikola Janković, Jonáš Richter, Umění pro město, GHMP

A performative audio walk, a staged human-beaver drama set in the north of Prague, in the specific Troja Valley. The audience was accompanied by actors who revealed the story of forgotten places and the way of coexistence between the beaver and the human using the territory cultivated by the beaver. The story explores human-animal relationships in the city. 

Screenplay, direction, costumes and production design: Savka Marenić, Kateřina Radakulan
Sound: Jonáš Richter
Actors: Nikola Janković, Gabriela Veselá

photos, copyright to ©Libor Galia