Group show: Beauty in the Landfill

place:          Prague
collaboration:  Tereza Jindrová (curator), MgA. Adam Šustek
exhibition: Ruta Putramentaite, Tita Salina

The architecture of the group exhibition Beauty in Landfills relies on recycled materials. The courtains were made from recycled textiles found in the art center. The chair is made from recycled formwork board which was used in another exhibition installation. As part of the exhibition, we developed a chair module that can be disassembled or combined into a bench, which extends its use.

Is it possible to look for beauty even in a landfill? Objects from waste and nature by Ruta Putramentaite are a way of reusing unusable materials. Tita Salina's video, in turn, shows the connection of waste with globalization and the power structures of late capitalism.