Reclaimed Landfill

year:           2019
place:          Kolin, Czech Republic

phase:          competition, honorable mention
collaboration:  MgA. Adam Šustek

The Vinice hill is a direct proof of how man influences the morphology of the landscape. It is a hill  in the flat landscape of the Labe region created by the reclamation of waste, which immediately becomes an object in a cultivated landscape.

By supplementing the existing vegetation, we create a closed vegetation circle around the hill that represents a sacred common space. It is made up of wild plants herbs and grasses that are able to grow even on the landfill. The varied plant composition will visually and species-wise enliven the landscape and provide shelter and food for the local fauna. In addition, the roots of the plants will help to maintain and renew the hillslope, which will strengthen the entire structure of the hill.